Custom and BLENDED Training

When it makes sense to have a group of employees participate in training together, our expert instructors will design a custom and dedicated training program to exceed your needs. If you need individual attention with 1 on 1 training we will work with you directly on your project and current task that needs the focus. Our goal is to teach you the tools and techniques that apply to your unique designs giving you immediate return and productivity.

Lessons and exercises focus on the tools, processes, policies, and standards that are unique to the individual company. Instructors often integrate client models, datasets, workflows or even current client projects into the course to provide practical application and reinforce key concepts.

With both custom and dedicated training, flexibility is the key. Face-to-face courses can be conducted at customer facilities or at a training center. Courses can also be delivered using a blended approach of classroom training, live online learning, and self-paced eLearning and could also include over the shoulder mentoring when students return to their desk.

 * This type of training could be the most beneficial thing you do for your productivity, it allows focus on the areas you need most. Custom training will get you where you need to be the fastest and achieves the best results.You will always be satisfied with custom training by LearnCADToday and you will be guaranteed with the best possible post support to reinforce learning. When you BLEND Instructor Led Training with eLearning you can take advantage of all the learning styles.

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    With the right tools and the right Training, we make you successful.





    Blended Learning Infographic


    Blended Learning Infographic
    Blended Learning Infographic